"Wheaton College is effectively raising a religious objection to paperwork."

Court conservatives add insult to injury on contraception | MSNBC

"Everyone’s like, ‘The natural, organic way is the best.’ And it sounded a lot like fundamentalist Christianity,” he told me. When I asked how his loss of faith had changed him, he said, “I guess after that I’ve always been a skeptic."

Lizzie Widdicombe: Could Soylent Replace Food? : The New Yorker

"Soylent isn’t coming for our Sunday potlucks. It’s coming for our frozen quesadillas."

Lizzie Widdicombe: Could Soylent Replace Food? : The New Yorker

The Soylent backlash is astounding. Like Google Buses and Google Glass, Soylent seems to evoke a visceral “Die Yuppie Scum” reflex in otherwise rational upper-middle-class American consumers (aka hipsters-who-hate-hipsters).

"a yearlong course in Java, which is sort of like teaching cooking by showing how to assemble a KitchenAid"

Is Coding the New Literacy? | Mother Jones

"Cheney’s post should’ve been titled, “Why Hasn’t Obama Cleaned Up My Huge Fucking Mess?”"


"Too often the question is, What’s your exit strategy?” she recounts, “before you’re really understanding what your entry strategy is."

— Elizabeth Holmes, This CEO’s out for blood

"So the Chamber [of Commerce] is telling us that we can achieve major reductions in greenhouse gases at a cost of 0.2 percent of GDP. That’s cheap!"

Cheap Climate Protection - NYTimes.com
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"We guess the problem was that the game was just too good… since there are certainly a great number of weed based apps still available, as well as games promoting other so-called ‘illegal activities’ such as shooting people, crashing cars and throwing birds at buildings."

Apple Pulls Top Free iOS App ‘Weed Firm’ from App Store - Mac Rumors

"While the mission to kill bin Laden was successful, the decision to utilize a vaccination campaign as the cover has had huge negative consequences on the efforts to fight polio. Namely, militants in Pakistan have come to see all vaccination campaigns as being part of some Western scheme. Attacks against health workers skyrocketed in the months after the bin Laden raid and continue to this day."

White House Promises To Never Again Let The CIA Undermine Vaccinations | ThinkProgress

What total dicks. I mean the CIA, not just the militants.

"When did the best sites on the internet, giant and small alike, become anonymous subcontractors to tech companies that operate on entirely different scales?"

The New Internet Gods Have No Mercy - The Awl

"Metafilter came from two or three internets ago, when a website’s core audience—people showing up there every day or every week, directly—was its main source of visitors. Google might bless a site with new visitors or take them away. Either way, it was still possible for a site’s fundamentals to be strong, independent of extremely large outside referrers. What’s so disconcerting now is that the new sources of readership, the apps and sites people check every day and which lead people to new posts and stories, make up a majority of total readership, and they’re utterly unpredictable (they’re also bigger, always bigger, every new internet is bigger). People still visit sites directly, but less. Sites still link to one another, but with diminishing results. A site that doesn’t care about Facebook will nonetheless come to depend on Facebook, and if Facebook changes how Newsfeed works, or how its app works, a large fraction of total traffic could appear or disappear very quickly. Of course a website’s fortunes can change overnight. That these fortunes are tied to the whims of a very small group of very large companies, whose interests are only somewhat aligned with those of publishers, however, is sort of new."

The New Internet Gods Have No Mercy - The Awl

"A month ago when we started (14 April) we had $0.00. Yesterday the team was installing hardware on the antenna."

ISEE-3 Reboot Project by Space College, Skycorp, and SpaceRef | RocketHub

"Our plan is simple: we intend to contact the ISEE-3 (International Sun-Earth Explorer) spacecraft, command it to fire its engines and enter an orbit near Earth, and then resume its original mission - a mission it began in 1978. ISEE-3 was rechristened as the International Comet Explorer (ICE). If we are successful it may also still be able to chase yet another comet."

"too much mocking and stubbing"

Mockists Are Dead. Long Live Classicists. | ThoughtWorks

"Snowden’s moral universe was first informed by video games."

Glenn Greenwald on Edward Snowden and His New Book, No Place to Hide
(via Gerry Canavan)

"In Hong Kong, Snowden told me that at the heart of most video games is an ordinary individual who sees some serious injustice, right? Like some person who’s been kidnapped and you’ve got to rescue them, or some evil force that has obtained this weapon and you’ve got to deactivate it or kill them or whatever. And it’s all about figuring out ways to empower yourself as an ordinary person, to take on powerful forces in a way that allows you to undermine them in pursuit of some public good. Even if it’s really risky or dangerous. That moral narrative at the heart of video games was part of his preadolescence and formed part of his moral understanding of the world and one’s obligation as an individual."

"Game of Thrones is absolutely a post-colonial projection of colonial brutality into a quasi-Medieval setting. Westeros exists because we are a post-colonial society and that is a product of specifically white and Eurocentric speculative fiction: because what if colonial-level horrors had been visited upon Medieval white people by Medieval white people?"

— <a href=”http://medievalpoc.tumblr.com/post/74505170627/things-were-just-like-that-back-then-thoughts-on” class=”tumblr_blog”>”Things Were Just Like That Back Then” by medievalpoc</a>